AML Sentinel

AML Sentinel

AML Sentinel was designed by industry experts who believe SMB banks deserve access to an affordable new solution that allows community banks to control evaluating every AML risk, while removing the time-consuming back office process that is outdated the moment you set it up. By accurately reporting all money laundering risks in a custom proprietary report, banks can know exactly which customer is giving your financial institution the most risk and have actionable data to keep the regulators at bay.

About SRA

Built by bankers for bankers, Strategic Risk Associates’ Watchtower System advances risk and performance management for executives and the board in financial institutions. SRA Watchtower is a SaaS based Enterprise Risk Intelligence and Collaboration System that aggregates, integrates, normalizes and reports all critical risk and performance indicators on a continuous basis, providing real time access to company wide risk performance data, integrated in a way so as to strategically optimize risk strategy to the bottom line.