Robert H. Mitchell, MBA


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Rob is a partner of SRA and has worked in the financial services industry for almost 30 years as a commercial banker, private equity investor, and investment banker. As a commercial lender and lending team leader, he underwrote numerous credits and made a wide variety of loans. He also worked with the Chief Credit Officer of Nationsbank where he reviewed the largest loans being submitted for approval as well as participated in the bank’s acquisition due diligence of First Republic Bank. As a private equity investor, he underwrote and invested in numerous debt and equity investment opportunities across the country. As a partner at SRA, Mr. Mitchell has participated in many loan reviews and M&A due diligences on behalf of bank investors, buyers, and merger partners. He has also worked with numerous bank management teams and boards of directors to assist them with regulatory issues, enterprise risk management, strategic plans, board and management assessments, and numerous other issues.Mr. Mitchell earned a Bachelor of Arts from Kenyon College and a Masters in Business Administration from the Darden School at the University of Virginia. He retired from the US Naval Reserves.