Novel Coronavirus: Preparing for the latest Black Swan

March 6, 2020

2020 outlooks by economists, regulators and investment banks pondered over plethora of risks spanning from irrational exuberance in capital markets, significant economic correction in China, elevated tensions with in the Middle East and North Korea, a high-stakes election year in the US, and lack of ammunition with the Fed to fight the next downturn amid ongoing growth worries. However, nobody thought of outbreak of a virus impacting global economy. But such is the nature of Black Swans that they spring up when nobody expects them.  

Is your bank prepared for the potential earning and operational impacts? 

SRA has the risk tools and methodologies to support your risk analysis and then translate that into the impact on current strategic imperatives and earnings forecasts for 2020 and beyond.   

It may be noted that US ranks as 5th largest country in terms of fatalities driven by Novel Coronavirus, 9th largest on metric of identified cases- and top of the stack in terms of ratio of fatalities to identified cases.

While many struggle with semantics of calling it a Pandemic or an outbreak, banks may need to tackle its impact on portfolio credit quality, net interest margin, enterprise risk, earnings and capital.  SRA can help you understand, monitor, measure and communicate the nuances of risks posed by Novel Coronavirus to all stake holders encompassing executives, Board of Directors and investors.

SRA Team has the credentials and experience to help you successfully navigate through this Black Swan, solve your issues and build your franchise. We provide fast, efficient and practical consulting and advisory services to clients throughout the country.

SRA’s analysis and recommendations will be direct, unequivocal and unambiguous. Instead of just pointing out problems, we identify solutions to help you manage risk through today’s challenging economic and regulatory climate.

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