Risk Management Association Launches RMA Risk Maturity Framework, Powered by SRA Watchtower

November 30, 2021

New Framework Measures Effectiveness of Bank Risk Management Programs Against Industry and Regulatory Standards

Philadelphia, PA (November 30, 2021)—The Risk Management Association (RMA) and Strategic Risk Associates (SRA) have launched an essential risk management tool for RMA members and the industry. The RMA Risk Maturity Framework, Powered by SRA Watchtower measures the effectiveness of a bank’s overall risk management program against industry standards and regulatory guidance—and suggests action to improve performance.

RMA, which advances enterprise-wide risk management in the financial services industry, and SRA, a leading provider of enterprise risk and performance management solutions, said the Framework is structured around nine pillars and measures 45 categories of risk across a bank. In early 2022, a Peer Benchmarking feature will be added that allows banks to measure their maturity against similar institutions. The RMA Risk Maturity Framework utilizes SRA’s trusted Watchtower cloud-based solution, which provides a single, integrated solution to manage risk.

“Recognizing the need for a standardized way to measure a risk program’s effectiveness, SRA is excited to partner with RMA to launch this innovative solution to all RMA members,” said Michael Glotz, CEO of Strategic Risk Associates.  “Gone are the days of purchasing and downloading a stale Excel framework. Our Framework lets organizations self-assess their risk program and quickly make progress on their risk maturity journey.”

New users of the Risk Maturity Framework begin by completing an evaluation and receiving scorecard results via the SRA Watchtower risk and performance management tool. The Framework allows users to quickly assign tasks to owners across each line of business and provides a clear action plan for immediate implementation.

Both diagnostic and prescriptive, the Framework helps users identify and prioritize areas for improvement, and tracks progress toward quarterly and annual goals through Watchtower’s visualization and reporting capabilities. The Framework is a powerful way to educate executive teams on risk maturity progress and will help facilitate agreement with the board risk committee on the bank’s expected maturity level. It can also inform development of a two-to-three-year risk roadmap and be used to inform regulators on the bank’s risk maturity progress.

“RMA’s partnership with SRA provides a solution that will assist RMA member institutions of all sizes in achieving a more mature risk culture,” said RMA President and CEO Nancy Foster. “The RMA Risk Maturity Framework, Powered by SRA Watchtower complements RMA’s mission of advancing enterprise-wide risk management by providing an effective way to evaluate risk maturity progress.”  

The RMA Risk Maturity Framework, Powered by SRA Watchtower has pricing options for institutions of every size.

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