SRA Announces Strategic Partnership with eLoomina

Leveraging behavioral algorithms and AI technology for early insights to reduce employee misbehavior and internal fraud risks

Strategic Risk Associates announced today a new strategic partnership with eLoomina, a software company that uses behavioral algorithms and AI technology for early insights to reduce employee misbehavior and internal fraud risks.  This product is aimed for banks, credit unions and insurance companies over $5Billion in Assets.

eLoomina's data-driven technology uses the scientific principles of Organizational Misbehavior (OMB) to identify warning signs and enable firms to take action before a risk becomes an actual problem. By partnering with eLoomina, SRA will be able to expand our service offerings and fulfil our commitment to supporting our clients throughout the Risk Maturity Framework.  In the future, the goal will be to aggregate KRIs from eLoomia to ERM Watchtower on a quarterly basis when a customer utilizes Watchtower and eLoomina together.

“We are excited to partner with eLoomina and resell their solution as an additional service to our SRA Watchtower customers. eLoomina’s novel and unique capabilities to provide an employee’s-based behavioral risk analysis complements Watchtower and allows our customers to better understand, predictand mitigate conduct risk."  David M. Dean, Chief Strategy Officer

eLoomina looks at internal company data from HR, Finance, IT, and Operations, and map it to indicators in 3 main areas: Motivation, Ability and Opportunity to commit fraud. Each employee gets a risk score based on these indicators and a risk map, risk trends and analysis tools are provided. 

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