Pandemic Risk Management

Bankers' Bank partners with SRA's New Crisis Management Platform

In today’s uncertain environment, you may feel overwhelmed with the threats you face. With the health impacts of COVID-19 hopefully subsiding in the coming months, the impact to the financial industry will be felt for many more quarters, if not years.

The good news – Bankers’ Bank has partnered with SRA to help you manage risk through this challenging time. SRA has experience helping hundreds of banks navigate financial crisis and other significant risk events. Together, we recently launched  a Pandemic Risk Management Service designed to help executive and board leadership of community banks:

  • Improve the visibility and cohesiveness of risk and performance management to enable faster decision making
  • Leverage preconfigured Pandemic Benchmark KRIs and KPIs to proactively meet changing market &regulatory requirements (pandemic or otherwise)
  • Visualize, collaborate and report on the latest enterprise risk management progress

To ensure your organization remains a resilient and financially stable center of the community, sign up for a free 45-day trial of the Pandemic Risk Management Service. You can be up and running in only a few hours after signing up and speaking with an SRA expert to help you configure the service to fit your individual needs.

Stay safe, stay healthy and please don’t hesitate to contact your Correspondent Banker if you need help.

SRA's Pandemic Risk Management Dashboard can be implemented in just a few hours
Click below to watch a short demonstration

Pandemic Risk Dashboard

The foundation of this Service is a Pandemic Risk Management Platform to organize the bank's key risk information, changing risk profile and response. This information is vital to the bank's resiliency and is critical for the Board, Shareholders and Regulators to evaluate bank health.

  • Predefined Pandemic Risk Benchmark KRIs & KPIs to more effectively manage enterprise wide risk across multiple business silos;
  • Central risk management intelligence dashboard improving critical risk response activities and timelines for remote teams;  
  • Real-time alerts and management of risk response activities improving overall response efficiency;
  • Real-time collaboration support, enabling risk management collaboration across the enterprise; and
  • Single source of current risk management data; stored in and accessed through a secure Cloud Based SaaS Dashboard.  

Pandemic Risk Virtual Retreat

This important function complements our Pandemic Risk Management Platform by providing multiple meetings with SRA experts to help optimize SRA’s Benchmark KRIs in our Platform.

  • Engage in collaborative sessions with SRA’s extensive team of subject matter experts that will result in customized benchmarked key risk and performance indicators covering areas throughout the institution;
  • Evaluate the effects of the pandemic on existing strategic imperatives documented in the Strategic Plan and update the Strategic Plan to align to current circumstances;
  • Identify policy driven metrics that may be at risk of noncompliance due to the pandemic and develop detailed tracking for timely reporting.

Pandemic Risk Management Board & Investor Report Development

Many of our clients have developed Pandemic Operating Committees to aggregate cross functional workflows from multiple business lines across the enterprise.

One of the major deliverables from these POCs is to continually update/report to Board and Industry Analyst teams on the process of how the enterprise is managing the growing risks thrust on their business as a result of this pandemic.  SRA is currently helping many of its clients develop and update these Pandemic Board reports.

Click here for a Board and Investor sample report.


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