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Transition Your Risk Program from Hindsight to Foresight

Better Manage Risk and Performance
July 20, 2022


Given the pace of change in financial services, your executives and board need a timely panoramic view of your financial institution’s exposure to both internal and external risks to make insightful business decisions. In partnership with Strategic Risk Associates, Fiserv would like to introduce you to Watchtower, an intuitive, integrated risk and performance management platform. Watchtower continuously aggregates and normalizes all critical risk and performance indicators across the business to provide executives with the foresight needed to make better strategic decisions. Join our webinar to gain a perspective on risk management in today’s world. Learn how Watchtower connects to your Fiserv account processing platform to move stagnated quarterly reporting to more insightful monthly reporting –offering actionable intelligence needed to run your financial institution.


Steve Kruskamp
Regional Business Director
Strategic Risk Associates
Sam Venhaus
Senior Client Solutions Consultant



Strategic Risk Associates (SRA) is a technology solution provider and risk management consulting practice serving the Financial Services, Insurance and Technology Industries. SRA's proprietary technology and methodology was designed and built by industry experts to enable clients to navigate risk and drive growth. SRA Watchtower is an intuitive risk intelligence and performance management platform built to continuously inform, enlighten, and empower executives and boards. SRA has helped hundreds of banks effectively navigate through significant risk events since the 2008 financial crisis.
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