Stratyfy helps banks and fintechs say “YES” to more borrowers with a unique AI meets IQ approach that equips lenders with unparalleled transparency, safety, and control. Stratyfy’s patented engine leverages human-in-the-loop machine learning across different product offerings. UnBias™ helps lenders efficiently identify and monitor fair lending risks and understand how to mitigate those risks before they become a problem; and Stratyfy’s Decision Optimization Solution allows lenders to scale and transparently optimize decisions throughout the loan lifecycle and score applicants. Stratyfy provides powerful, advanced analytics to drive growth.

About SRA

Built by bankers for bankers, Strategic Risk Associates’ Watchtower System advances risk and performance management for executives and the board in financial institutions. SRA Watchtower is a SaaS based Enterprise Risk Intelligence and Collaboration System that aggregates, integrates, normalizes and reports all critical risk and performance indicators on a continuous basis, providing real time access to company wide risk performance data, integrated in a way so as to strategically optimize risk strategy to the bottom line.