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Risk and Control Self-Assessment

Improve Awareness and Proactive Risk Management With RCSA:
Integrated With Watchtower, The Holistic Risk Intelligence Platform

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At Strategic Risk Associates (SRA), we understand the Risk and Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) is the backbone of Enterprise Risk Management programs, serving as the foundation for resilience and longevity of financial institutions. The Watchtower RCSA module is more than just a tool; it's a strategic asset designed to empower your institution to thrive in the face of uncertainties.

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Why Watchtower RCSA?

Uncover Risks  |  Fortify Controls  |  Drive Proactive Risk Management

Assurance of Resilience
and Longevity

Identify & tackle risks specific to your institution, ensuring a robust foundation for enduring success.

Early Detection and
Structured Control Measures

Our intuitive tools facilitate the development & testing of controls, enabling early detection & implementation of effective risk management measures.

Strategic Decision-Making and Resource Allocation

Gain invaluable insights into your risk landscape, empowering strategic decision-making & efficient resource allocation.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet & exceed regulatory expectations seamlessly, avoiding pitfalls & safeguarding compliance.

Holistic Governance, Risk, and Compliance Frameworks

Elevate your overall governance with a comprehensive risk management & compliance framework, safeguarding your business against unforeseen challenges & promoting sustainable growth.

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What is RCSA?

New to RCSA or Compliance? Risk and Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) is a pivotal process within the banking and financial industry, designed to identify, assess, and manage operational risks. This systematic approach allows institutions to proactively identify potential vulnerabilities and implement measures to mitigate these vulnerabilities. When an RCSA tool is integrated with an ERM Platform, like Watchtower it serves as the foundation for sound risk management practices.


Watchtower RCSA Key Features

Watchtower RCSA provides many benefits and can help mature the institution’s overall risk and compliance program.
Some of the key features of Watchtower RCSA include :

Tailored to
Your Institution
Adaptable to institutions of any size or complexity, with features & functionalities tailored to your unique requirements
Take full control of the
self-assessment process with an intuitive & user-friendly interface
Flexible Hierarchy
Create departmental, product, & process hierarchies based on how your organization views its risk
Integrated With
Say goodbye to multiple-system management; RCSA integrated with Watchtower, provides a centralized hub for your risk program
Intuitive design ensures quick adoption & ease of use across your organization‍
Early Detection
of Risks
A structured approach for implementing effective control measures
Robust RCSA
Watchtower RCSA library contains 698 Risks & 1998 Controls from 93 common Processes
Receive expert assistance & training to maximize the value of Watchtower

Take Control, Mitigate Risks,
Thrive with Watchtower RCSA

Transform your RCSA process into a strategic advantage for your organization. Join Watchtower's growing
community of empowered financial institutions driving resilience, longevity, and sustainable growth.

An Integral Component of your Watchtower ERM Platform:

business risk intelligence
Manage any identified gaps using Risk Improvement Activities and Action Plans incorporated into the overall ERM model.

Gain a panoramic view of your organization's risks at the top of the house to help the C-Suite and the Board make better strategic decisions.

Improve communication and time spent on manually creating reports with Watchtower's on demand reporting and data visualizations.

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