Sharon Campbell

Vice President, Client Services

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Sharon Campbell brings over 25 years of visionary leadership in client services to her role as Vice President of Client Services at SRA. With a career spanning the mortgage, finance, and compliance sectors, Sharon is renowned as a 'client evangelist', advocating for a client-centric approach at every level. At SRA, Sharon leads post-sales engagements, driving a "client forward" narrative throughout the organization. She proactively owns all aspects of the client experience, designing and developing offerings to strengthen relationships and promote value realization. Leveraging her background in Psychology from the University of Maryland, Sharon excels in empathetic outreach, both professionally and personally. Prior to joining SRA, Sharon led a global client services team for a financial compliance organization, overseeing support operations across the US, Europe, and Asia. Her expertise extends to managing product offerings for mortgage government sponsored entities (GSE) and leading client engagements within investment banking. Sharon's commitment to excellence extends beyond her professional roles, as she actively engages in personal and professional coaching and mentoring. With Sharon at the helm, SRA is poised to elevate client experiences, anticipate needs through data-driven insights, and cultivate lasting partnerships built on trust and mutual success. Her leadership embodies a dedication to exceeding client expectations and fostering a culture of service excellence.