Insights from RMA CAVA and Texas Annual Conferences

Insights from RMA CAVA and Texas Annual Conferences

May 8, 2024

SRA Watchtower team members recently went to both the Risk Management Association’s CAVA Spring Conference and the Texas Chapter’s Annual Conference. Both of these events were incredible to be a part of.

RMA CAVA Spring Conference

SRA Watchtower has long been a proud sponsor of the RMA CAVA Spring Conference. We’ve supported this chapter for several years, and it’s always wonderful to gather and discuss risk management with a large group of banking professionals. This year, our speaking session Risk Management Techniques for Discovering and Quantifying Hidden Factories at Your Bank was well attended and brought forth lots of great discussions with attendees.

Unbeknownst to our speakers, we had a Watchtower user in the audience. When it came time to ask the audience if they had any examples of hidden factories within the risk and compliance space, our client answered

“We’ve got managers in different departments who have been using the same spreadsheets for years and then trying to communicate it out to other departments, and it’s never really integrated until we started using Watchtower."

RMA Texas Chapter Annual Conference

It was our first time attending the RMA Texas Chapter’s Annual Conference, but we had a great time connecting with local industry leaders. Among the attendees was SRA Watchtower, represented by Ted Gibson, Regional Sales Director, and Shea Scarpa, our esteemed RMA Partner. Some key takeaways from the event are below:

  1. Record-Breaking Attendance and Celebrating Milestones: The conference saw a remarkable turnout, setting records in attendance numbers. Notably, the celebration of the Texas Regional Chapter's75th anniversary added a sense of history and achievement to the proceedings, underlining the enduring legacy of RMA in the region.
  2. Insightful Breakout Sessions: The conference featured a diverse array of breakout sessions, covering pivotal topics shaping the banking and risk management landscape. From discussions on cyber risk to explorations of ERM, compliance, and the transformative potential of fintech, attendees gained invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of today's financial environment.
  3. Networking and Knowledge Sharing: For SRA Watchtower, the conference provided a platform for networking and meaningful interactions. Engaging with fellow professionals, attending sessions on hot topics, and listening to esteemed speakers like Debbie Bianucci, the new Prosight Financial Association CEO, enriched our understanding of industry trends and best practices.
Having had attended prior Texas Chapter Conferences, I would have to comment that this one is for the books! Here at HQ we enjoy attending Chapter ran events not just to get to know and interact with Members, but for education and conversations. This is where we drive innovation for designing new courses, develop Roundtable and white paper topics, or even launching a new product. Interactions and connecting with Members and Chapters make it possible for us to deliver market driven solutions! ” – Shea Scarpa Gardner, RMA Risk Maturity Framework Product Manager, Risk Management Association (HQ)

As we reflect on our experience at the conference, it's evident that events like these serve as catalysts for growth, learning, and collaboration. SRA Watchtower remains committed to staying at the forefront of industry developments, leveraging insights gained from such engagements to better serve our clients and contribute to the advancement of the banking and risk management landscape.

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