SRA Launches Pandemic Risk Advisory Services

SRA Launches Pandemic Risk Advisory Services

May 6, 2020

Richmond, VA, May 7, 2020  - Strategic Risk Associates, a national leader in enterprise risk and performance management, announced that in response to the recent crisis brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic, it has launched 5 critical Pandemic Risk Advisory Services designed to help financial clients successfully analyze risk implications and outline strategic plans for the most important aspects of their business.


The services being launched are:

  • Pandemic Risk Strategy Service
  • Pandemic Credit Stress Test Service
  • Pandemic Economic Risk Assessment Service
  • Pandemic Sector Risk Assessment Service
  • Pandemic Operational Vulnerability Assessment Service

“For the foreseeable future, most bank risks will be seen through the lens of the recent pandemic. It may be the largest risk event that most banks will ever face. As a result, how the bank navigates through this immediate event and into the future will be critical to its longevity and ultimate viability. To help ensure our financial clients successfully address items like modifying their overall risk strategy, analyzing the strength or weakness of their asset portfolio, understanding economic and sector impacts on their investment strategy and uncovering operational vulnerability, we felt it was timely to bring these services to market. Our experts have significant experience in all of these areas having navigated similar crisis events in the past and we are honored be in a position to once again help our clients navigate these critical aspects of their business.”  said Michael Glotz, CEO at SRA


To compliment these important advisory services,  SRA is also offering a free trial of its Pandemic Risk Management Service to aid customers in documenting and managing the impact of this crisis on their financial institution.  This information is vital to the bank’s resiliency and is critical for the board, shareholders, regulators & clients to evaluate overall bank health.


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Michael Glotz

Chief Executive Officer

Strategic Risk Associates

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